Monday, July 13, 2015

Train Sim Modeler and Route Riter

Two of the best known utilities for route and content development are Route Riter and Train Sim Modeler.

While the original developers ceased supporting these tools years ago, their last versions are still available for free from a few authorized locations.

Route Riter
  • Version 7.6.26 (released by Mike Simpson in 2013) is available at in the File Library
Train Sim Modeler
  • "Classic" version of Train Sim Modeler (as previously sold by Abacus) was made available as a free download from Louis Sinclair's website 
Source code for both programs was acquired by a third party in 2014, with the announced intent of reselling and possibly expanding their functionality in the future.

Since then, Mike Simpson has publicly announced that his latest versions were to remain available for download, regardless of what happens with regard to future development.

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