Route Editor Jumper v2

Yep, I want this!

REJumper is a route building assistant application for the Microsoft Train Simulator Route Editor which allows routebuilders to quickly navigate between named locations while editing.

Location points can be added while working in the RE (e.g. setting a location for where you stop work for the day), imported from MKR or KML files, or manually edited using a text editor.

Works for Windows 7, not yet tested on Win8 or Win10.

Reload Current Tile:  Jumps away from and then returns to the current camera location, forcing the RE to reload the Worldfile, shapefiles and textures.

Open World Folder: Opens up the World directory for your current route

Jump to Selected: Moves the camera location to the selected item.
Double-clicking on a list item will also move the camera

New Location Name: Adds the current camera location to the item list

Changes are not saved by default -- when closing the application or changing routes, you should be prompted to save changes.

Locate Route Folder: Opens up a folder browser to identify a folder other than the one used by your primary installation.

Import MKR: Add marker items to the location list

Import KML: Open up a Google KML file to add locations to the location list

Both Import functions have a de-duping filter which will limit the number of locations added from a MKR or KML if the points are too close together or duplicate an existing point in the list.

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