Take my money!

World File Hacker - $10.00  
Requires: Windows 7  (not certified for Windows XP or Windows 8 -- purchase at your own risk for those environments)

World File Hacker is an advanced route builder utility that can be used to add "companion shapes" to just about any existing shapefile used in a MSTS or ORTS route.

A user maintained cross-reference file is built to associate the master shape and the companion shape.  References can utilize the static detail level of a shape to help differentiate between different types of companion objects, e.g. berms, bridges, platforms, line poles, CTC boxes, and just about any other object that could be associated to a specific track or road section, or another scenery file object type.

Prior to using WFH, it is essential to have a full and complete backup of your route.  As with any tool used for route building, unintended consequences can occur without warning.

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